Custom Tattoos and Promotional Tattoos FAQ

Artwork and File format?

Your artwork can be sent to us in a wide range of graphics formats. Some common graphics fomats are doc, pdf, jpg, eps, ai, png. If your image isn't sized exactly to match the tattoo size we will resize the graphic as best as possible to fit the desired area.

How do you apply a tattoo?

To apply the tattoo firstly remove the clear film and place the tattoo against the skin. Take a wet cloth and apply to the back of the tattoo. Wait 30-60 seconds (don't hurry). Finally remove the backing paper leaving the tattoo on the skin.

How can I make payments?

For our custom tattoos payments can be made via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal using Paypal secure checkout. Once your tattoo details have been decided upon we will send a link to your email address along with payment instructions. Alternatively, we can accept bank transfer, cheque or your credit card details over the phone.

How long will the tattoos take to arrive?

Our weekly deadline is Tuesday by 6pm. From that point we will usually require 12-14 for printing and delivery.

How long do the tattoos last?

Temporary tattoos are designed to remain on the skin for 1-2 days but can last up to a week.

What quantities can I order?

Tattoos can be ordered in quantites from 500 pieces up to 100,000+ pieces. Ask us for a quote.

What sizes can I order?

On our custom tattoos page we have a range of standard sizes and quantities displayed for both rectangular and square tattoos. If your design does not match one of these standard sizes please contact us and we will suggest a size and provide you with a quote.

Can my tattoo have white colours?

Yes. We print tattoos in full colour including white.


I need just a few tattoos. Can you do this?

Our minimum order is 500 tattoos. For smaller quantities or one off designs we recommend our temporary tattoo paper. See our instructions to learn how to create your own temporary tattoos.