Custom Team Temporary Tattoos can be very helpful


Not so long ago tattoos had a rough reputation. How times have changed! Not only are temporary tattoos more widely used, you see them in the most unlikely places. Temporary tattoos aren't like the bubble gum wrappers you used to see earlier; today’s temporary tattoos are colorful, clear and bright.


The designs consist of everything from the old time skull and crossbones to an assortment of Disney characters. They have become very popular and sometimes they serve a very useful purpose. Hopefully this article will help to change some of the old attitudes that tend to go along with the rough and tough tattoos of days gone by.


If your child participates in group sports of any kind and they travel to other schools or other playing fields such as for their play-offs, series championship games or any other reason, you may want to speak with your team's treasurer or coach to see if you can order custom team tattoos  for all of the players and coaches. This will help keep your group together, and it will allow for easy identification of your staff. These tattoos should be applied to a very conspicuous part of the body, such as a forearm or shoulder for teams using razor back uniforms.


Recommend custom team tattoos for your school or church if the children are planning to go on a field trip. Choose a team tattoo that is easy to identify and make sure each child is wearing one before they leave for their trip. You may want to place it on a forearm or some other very visible area. If a child gets separated from the group the custom team tattoo will make identification much easier. This will allow for a very prompt return to your group.


Other examples of custom team tattoos may include such themes as something Disney for a preschool celebration or birthday tattoos for your child's class at school or for his party at home. This works especially well for themed birthday parties where every child can get a matching tattoo. Your child's baseball, football, soccer, softball or basketball team would love to show their unity with custom team tattoos. You can even order a slightly different design for special events such as play-offs or tournaments.


Custom team tattoos can be made through internet sites that offer graphic creation services. Many tattoo websites have templates that you can modify the templates yourself or applications that allow you to create your own custom team tattoos.