Remove Temporary Tattoos With Ease

That beautiful temporary tattoo adorning your body has been a real conversation starter but it's starting to look more than a little ragged. Although the tattoo will disappear in time, you want to take it off here and now before your reputation deteriorates from rugged to ragged.


Trouble is, washing with soap and water alone may not be enough to remove a temporary tattoo. To make your face or body pristine in time to visit Grandma or Aunt Sadie, here's how to take off temporary body art.


  • Step 1: Collect four things: clear tape (not the kind used to send packages), some baby oil, a bowl and some cotton balls.


  • Step 2: Next, cover the temporary tattoo with the tape. As mentioned earlier, don't use the kind of clear tape used to send packages through the mail; it's too strong and will hurt when you remove it.
  • Step 3: Take the tape off after about a minute. Taking the tape off slowly tends to reduce any discomfort and also brings more of the temporary tattoo design with it. Of course, if you are impatient or into pain, you can rip off the tape but that's probably going to sting, at the very least. Don't say we didn't warn you.


  • Step 4: Now here comes the soothing part. Pour about half a cup of baby oil into the bowl. Dip the cotton ball into the oil and gently wipe the temporary tattoo off the skin. Use a clean, soft cloth – not a rough terrycloth towel – to dry off the baby oil. Certain kinds of kitchen towels, especially those made from bamboo cloth are especially good for this purpose.

If the temporary tattoo doesn't come off completely with the first attempt, simply repeat the procedure as often as needed to remove all the leftover markings.


This may seem like a tiresome process but think how much more complicated it is to have a permanent tattoo removed by a laser or other surgical procedure. At least with a temporary tattoo, the skin might be red and uncomfortable for a short period but there sure won't be the kind of burn-looking scars commonly seen on people who've had permanent tattoos removed.


That's another reason that temporary tattoos, even with the bother of application and removal, are a good idea for people who are considering getting a permanent tattoo. A temporary tattoo gives a good sense of what's involved in getting body art applied to your skin and what it might take to remove it if you change your mind later on.